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Borderland is the border between the dream and the reality. It's a world composed of two creative human beings that have the urge to change the World through the art and give our clients a luxurious, yet different, experience.



Our main objective is to break all the standards. We don't settle for anything less than perfection and we need to be in constant evolution.


We want to create as much as possible, always with a new vision, running away from stereotypes and standards.


If you are looking for different concepts and worlds, you are in the right place.


You know that closed boxes, where you seat in front of a camera and then have a printed photo waiting for you outside? Nice, now forget that! With our photbooths you don't need to worry about space: ours are wide open, true scenarios, capable of transporting you to another era and have space for much more than 2 people per photo. Can you imagine the double of the space? Cool, 'cause that means you will have the double of the fun too!


Imagine that you dream about living in a magical world. Have you imagined it yet? Nice, we have good news for you: now you can live in that magical world! As scenographers, our main focus is to bring the magic world of scenography into your life so you can experience it first hand. So, all our interiors are thematic. You just need to give us a theme and let the magic begin. There are no limits!


Photography can be a challenge and that's why we love it so much. As in all we do, this is one more tool to use so we can share with the universe how we see the world.


Mockup, logo, brand design and stationery. If you have an idea and don't know how to make it happen or you need to do something but don't know yet what to do, just talk to us and let our creativity take control of the situation.



Hello, my name is Patricia and I consider myself a "free spirit".


I love to travel and to know new cultures and, for this very reason, my heart does not belong to any place and at the same time it belongs to the whole world.


From an early age I have always enjoyed art and books. Over the years these two passions always accompanied me and evolved along with me since my love for books feeds my imagination - they complement each other.


I can not stand stereotypes, whatever they may be. I believe that this kind of thinking is what often

leads to a weakened creative capacity and we should be able to think outside the box of the human being. Basically, stereotypes kills creativity, you know?


I have a passion for decorating, but I do not get along with standards - since they never fill my expectations completely - I chose to take a scenography degree and combine all my passions into one.


Scenography not only gave me wings to fly higher but showed me that our imagination has really no limit, so as our dreams. It is based on this belief that today Borderland comes to revolutionise the world of creativity in various areas, proving that, if we are willing to leave standards at the door, wonderful things can actually happen.

Patrícia - Founder & Creative

Hi, I'm Fernando and I'm a set designer. Curious by nature, as far as I can remember I always wanted to know how everything works.


I don't have toys stored as memories of my childhood since I dismantled everything and their remains were used to create new (and unique) toys.


I belong to a generation that had to create its own entertainment, whether for lack of money or simply because GameBoys, Power Rangers or Transformers did not satisfy the needs of my imagination in its fullness. I ended up growing a bug inside that has since been responsible for wanting to constantly create new objects from raw materials or junk materials for which I always end up finding a new life.


But this was not the only bug that was born with me. There is a twin that has grown along with and in me and whose best-known name is "Art." It was art that showed me, at one point, that the imagination does not have limits and since then it is my ally.


It was only in college, when I took a degree in set design, that I finally had a real awareness of what I wanted to be when I will be a «grown up» and Scenography was the answer: to turn dreams into reality.

Fernando - Founder & Creative


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Welcome to our dream world
Our mascot say «Hi» to you

Fernando - Founder & Creative

Welcome to our dream world
Our mascot say «Hi» to you
Welcome to our dream world
Our mascot say «Hi» to you
Welcome to our dream world
Our mascot say «Hi» to you
Welcome to our dream world
Our mascot say «Hi» to you
Welcome to our dream world
Our mascot say «Hi» to you