Photobooth :: FAQ


:: How many standard scenarios are there?

At the moment there are 2, both of them different, namely Rustic and Vintage. You can also request a 100% personalized backdrop.

:: Can I reserve only the machine? No scenery?

Hell yes!

:: How does the backdrop service work?

The client exposes his idea, we create the design based on it and after approval the printing process is started. From there it works just like any other of our scenarios.

:: How long does the service last?

All packs start with 4H from active photobooth.

:: Can I get extra hours? What the value?

Yes, you can get extra hours. For services with scenario the overtime value is + 80 € / Hour. For Machine-only service the overtime value is + 40 € / Hour

:: How big is your photobooths?

All our scenarios occupy a space of 4x4m.

:: Can I customize my scenery?

Yes, we have customization option. For standard scenarios small changes can be made that do not damage the base. We also built 100% root scenarios to the liking of our customers.

:: Do the photos print right away? How it works?

Yes, photos are instantly printed. There is no print limit and the layout is customizable.

:: How many packs are there?

For each scenario there are 3 different packs, namely: complete pack, photos only online or only scenario rental (without machine). After taht, we have the option to just rent the machine, without any scenario.

:Where are you from? Do you travel?

We are from Lisbon but we travel at national and European level.

:: How do the mount and disassemble work?

On average our scenarios take around 1: 30h to 2: 30h to set up and test everything. Whenever possible, we prefer to assemble before the guests arrive, thus avoiding that the guests take with all the confusion of the assembly.

To disassemble it is necessary 1H / 1: 30H.